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Up Breakout Down Breakout
(Detect Upside & Downside Breakouts)

One of the best indicators to help a trader spot when price may be decisively breaking out of the range is volume. Volume commonly declines as price approaches the extremes of the trading range. If price challenges the boundary of the range right when there is a sharp increase in trading volume, this can indicate a potential up breakout down breakout and allows the trader to adjust their market position and trading strategy accordingly. A common breakout strategy is to enter the market in the direction of whatever breakout signal occurs.
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This Breakouts Detection is available for METATRADER ( MT4 )

Intraday Breakout detection

Breakouts Detection & Upside & Downside Breakouts

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Breakouts System
A simple analogy would be an example of a bird being caged (resistance). As soon as the cage is released/opened the bird flies high and far beyond its resistance. Once resistance level is broken, it often becomes the next level of support when the asset experiences a correction or pullback.

Here is the trading system, Breakout Trading. The system is written in formula and can be used for any stock, index, commodity or forex with proper liquidity. Traders and investors have always dreamed of magical formulas or Holy Grails to make huge profits.

Breakouts in Markets
Breakouts are profitable when the markets are trending strongly, and are a nightmare when the markets are in sideways or corrective modes. It would be difficult to know exactly when the correction is over and therefore every breakout has to be attempted because no one knows when a powerful move will start. Significant news events may also cause price breakouts. These breakouts are more unpredictable and depend on the effects that the news has on a particular security, and therefore may be avoided if it not fundamentally solid.

(FAQ) - Frequently asked questions for Up Breakout & Down Breakout

Q. What does the breakout trading system do?
   1. Here is the trading system, Breakout Trading. This Breakout system is for Bulk Trader, who trade with near Target(TP),
      Once this Breakout Symbol appear on Chart, user can trade in bulk with nearest Target(TP) & appeared candle below low Stoploss

Q. Can we take use of this breakouts in normal trade?
     You can use this signal system in normal trade also eg: First see which signal is preset buy or sell, If buy signal is given then
     buy as normal quantity, then if in next candle bull breakout confirms then double your buy quantity and book profit with small target